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Sanju Nair’s is an India know brain development trainer and has been trained 3,00,000 kids and teens in his workshops.

About Sanju Unni

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Gold exists deep, deep within a mine. What brings it out is one’s efforts!
Children too are like a gold-mine. It is just that one ought to know the right techniques to dig out the best from them! – Sanju Unni

Hi, I am Sanju Unni, a trained life management coach, DMIT Trainer in the field of Total Personality  Development and Rearing. And I shall tell you everything there is about the correct way of bringing up children so that they become successful right from their toddler days who going forth, show the same streak through-out life.

And no, it is not about spending long hours memorizing and cramming stuff from an early age. Quite to its contrary, our techniques tell you specifically how your child can use those parts of their brains which are sure to get the right results while making the entire activity of education pleasurable and painless.

Results matter. Don’t they? And what could be better than using the correct tools and techniques so that the process of become a pleasurable activity as opposed to the sheer boredom and drudgery it is today!

Welcome to the world of education with a difference! A difference so profound yet doable, you would be left wondering why you could not get your children into it years back!

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