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canada goose uk black friday 9 points submitted 1 day agoI can respect a lot of opinions but saying harden is canada goose outlet store winnipeg unwatchable is a hot garbage take. This dude is one of the most well rounded and impactful offensive players we’ve ever seen. You may not like that he gets to the line so often but the way he does it is skillful as FUCK. He’s amazing at baiting defenders into positions that he can use to either blow right by them or get to the line, it’s not like every ref just loves harden the most and gives him a lot of calls. He legitimately earns them and it’s not as if nobody else could do it if they put in the time to develop that part of their game that much, but they don’t.Edit: if you’re going to downvote this post then tell my why I’m wrong. Instead of just continuing this dumb cycle of hating harden because the narrative says to do that. 4 points submitted 1 day agoHe legitimately earns them and it’s not as if nobody else could do it if they put in the time to develop that part of their game that much, but they don’t.There really is nothing legitimate about the calls that he gets, at least the ones we referring to. And yes, if other players wanted to, they could flop constantly in an effort to get more calls, but they more interested in actually playing basketball than whatever the fuck Harden is doing on the court 70% of the time. Being “skillful” at flopping isn anything to be proud of.I as neutral of a fan of basketball as they come. I don have a team, and I don really root for specific players, but I agree with those that say that Harden is “unwatchable”. Among star players, he the one I am absolutely the least interested in watching. 3 points submitted 1 day agoThe problem is that the best pass rushers nowadays are lining up all over the line. Donald, Mack, and Watt aren just going after the LT, and that holds true for most other great pass rushers.The conclusion being that there isn one guy that needs to protect the QB anymore. The LT is still the most important position on the o line, no doubt, but I don think it imperative to have a stud at the position nowadays. I honestly take a young, dominant player at most other skill positions (Hopkins, Ramsey, Derwin, etc.) than a single great left tackle.Maybe one day there be an o lineman that “follows” the other team canada goose online uk fake best pass rusher along the line, and canada goose sylvan vest uk maybe that guy is Nelson, but until that point, I don think any one canada goose uk office spot on the line is of grave importance. 2 points submitted 4 days agoThe slider for having the CPU throw more strikes had the complete opposite effect for me. Wild pitches galore after that. I was even hit three times. I also noticed that some of the CPU Pitching sliders had zero effect. Even with Stamina all the way down, Cy Young still pitched a complete game against me and was throwing mid 90s in the ninth inning. I also tried Pitch Speed all the way down and a pitcher with 67 Arm Strength was chucking 100 mph fastballs at me.TBDC88 2 points submitted 4 days agoI watched the full series of it just a couple of months ago, and I come here and look up the canada goose langford uk old threads for each video. Invariably, the top comment when they started doing it in the studio would be something to the effect of, “Wow Lawrence intros are so cringey and stupid, I canada goose outlet wish he stop doing it!” or “I wish they still do it in the office, the studio makes it feel so staged!”Now we gone full circle, and people are reminiscing about those intros and the studio. Everything old is new again, I suppose.That just not true, 24 reps is still elite for an ILB (top 10%). Urlacher, Patrick Willis, Kuechly, NaVorro Bowman, and CJ Mosley averaged 23.4 reps, with none of them going over 27.Plus, you say that the size of a guy arms doesn indicate his strength, but then cite bench press as if that the determining factor. Plenty of guys play stronger than their bench press indicates, and again, Bobby bench is already elite. Hell, Terrell Suggs is one of the strongest LBs in NFL history, and he only put up 19 reps.Everyone that is telling you that you wrong, is right. I get what you trying to say, kind of, but you very wrong. Having a BMI of 30+ is not the defining factor as to whether or not someone is obese. Bodybuilders are not obese, just as swimmers and bicyclists aren malnourished.It sort of like IQ, in that it a very useful predictor for certain groups of people within defined ranges, but it not all that useful as a predictor for any one individual. People with a BMI of 30+ are more likely than not to be obese, just as people with an IQ of 130+ are likely to be successful, but not every person with a BMI of 30+ is obese, just like not every person with an IQ of 130+ is successful.People don realize just how mediocre Smith was in the All Time Great conversation. 4.2 YPC over his career despite playing behind a legendary O Line with a great QB for so long.To put that in perspective, he was a canada goose outlet michigan whole yard per carry lower than Jim Brown. He was half a yard per carry lower than guys like OJ, AP, Tiki Barber, and DeAngelo Williams.He had 3 great seasons (none that were all time greats though) above 4.3 YPC. To put that in perspective, that the worst YPC Sanders ever had. The rest of Emmit seasons averaged about 4.0 YPC, which is actually just mediocre outside of the greats.At least Smith had multiple seasons where he was just behind the leaders, and was a great player as a 3 4 DE even when he wasn picking up big stats.The two biggest outliers here are obviously the rushing Y/A, which is in Sanders favor, and the rushing TDs, which is canada goose clothing uk strongly in Smith favor. Essentially, would you rather have another 0.7 yards per carry, or another 40 TDs?What I trying to convey is that YPC is a very myopic way to argue talent when canada goose outlet store uk the use case is so different for the two players that you trying to compare. canada goose victoria parka outlet In my view, it is exactly the same as arguing that Smith is better because he got waaay more TDs (47% more) with a very similar amount of attempts. They were used in drastically different ways; any singular stat shouldn be canada goose outlet uk sale the deciding factor as to who was better canada goose uk black friday.

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