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Canada Goose online I work in oil and gas. I saw first hand what sort of shit the PCs pulled. I saw Jason Kenney federal handiwork as Immigration Minister at work with unqualified TFWs being brought onto sites and blowing up propane cylinders because they all had faked their qualifications and didn understand anything. I saw hundreds of people lose their jobs because of poor planning from previous governments. I got a front row seat to incredible shitshow that was carbon capture, where the client engineers were actively talking about what a white elephant carbon capture was, and how it was a giant make work project at the province expense. I helped build extraction facilities that were slated from the start to funnel our money to the US, extraordinarily blatantly to a Calumet refinery in Montana that was designed solely to profit at the expense of Canadians. uk canada goose outlet I saw the only value added project at NWR come around because Redford was trying to use it as a Hail Mary to distract people, which, by the way, was notorious as being never really supposed to happen outside of canada goose outlet website review the surveying and being a way for Stelmach ranching buddies to sell the province their land at a premium over a premium. Canada Goose online

And on the commercial side of things, well, I well aware of the scramble that come around because of our failing infrastructure. Amazing what happens when you don build things where they needed. Things like new hospitals to serve growing areas, which, I sorry to inform you, are not really rural areas. But do end up serving rural areas, when they end up driving to Edmonton or Calgary when they need the sort of services that need to have things like dedicated lab networks, which can only really exist where there is everyone that has to staff all of those primary and supporting services.

There was a huge thing about the previous PC governments, that that was crony capitalism. I never vote for anyone out to destroy the people that built this province. Or their kids, whether they little gay kids that need a GSA for support or ones trying to fund post secondary that don deserve to be paid less for their hard work. Or the health care system, which, interestingly enough, is mostly inefficient because of our incredibly overbuilt rural health care network. It awesome, because everyone deserves the right to canada goose shop new york be healthy and not have to be med evaced everywhere. But I know that if I was looking for something to slash to bring down costs, that would be a pretty tempting cherry. Assuming that it not outright privatized.

canada goose store The fact of the matter is is that Alberta succeeded in spite of our governments. And we finally have a premier who not looking to canada goose outlet uk line their own pockets or reward their friends with sweetheart contracts. And you want to go back to that, because you got rose coloured glasses on. Well, I sincerely hope that you can afford the consequences, because it gonna fall on every single person who not a canada goose sale uk “job creating” business owner. Things like toll roads (which, interestingly enough, will cost the rural Albertan more than me), public private partnerships that never work out right but end up enriching shareholders out of the taxpayer pocket, and catering to the charter schools of faith supremacist groups at the expense of our public school systems. canada goose store

canada goose clearance sale But yeah, let act like the Carbon Tax is the big problem. And that if we axe the provincial one, the federal one won instantly come into play and take all that money out of the province. Because that the biggest thing about it, that if we don have a provincial one in place, the federal one comes in, and it Ottawa that decides where the funds from that one goes. And it sure won be Alberta, because that not efficient at buying votes. Dumping it into BC, or the Maritimes, or Quebec. that bang for your buck at a federal level. Sure, Trudeau might not be leader next election, but he is now. And that where he dump it. Andrew Scheer, on the other hand, talks a big game about dumping it, but he almost certainly be seduced by the idea of a giant slush fund that he can try and shore up support in Ontario with. Why kill the golden goose when you can make omelets, after all? And why spend in Alberta, when Alberta has shown that they vote for a blue rock even if a Conservative government changes the equalization formula to funnel even more money to Quebec from Alberta (ask Kenney about that one, after all, he was part of the government that drafted that revision and he voted for it personally). canada goose clearance sale

If you looking for someone to blame for the devastation, then it probably best that we all take the late Jim Prentice advice, and look in the mirror. Because he was right, and it was all our faults for electing Don Getty. And letting Ralph Klein blow up a hospital so he could pay for a cardboard sign. And for letting Ed Stelmach have an entire mandate dictated by backroom party hacks. And for letting Alison Redford live her petro shiekh fantasies on our dime. At least we showed Prentice what happens when you come down from on high without any real answers. But hey, Jason Kenney totally won be like the rest. It not like he started out on the canada goose black friday sale payroll of US lobby groups taking pet issue stances for pay. It not like he sold out Canadians by rubber stamping TFWs and letting big companies do whatever they want, federally. And it not like he hasn come out and said that his platform is going to hurt Albertans (to be fair, that was one of his candidates, and he just didn refute it).

canada goose coats But yeah, the NDP are the problem for trying canada goose trillium uk to deal with 40 years of mismanagement. So let get rid of someone competent who stood up for Albertans because they started in the worst case scenario and has been steadily working to bring things back to the best of what this province can be. canada goose coats

canadian goose jacket Look at policies of other parties, and encourage your conservative friends to do the same. ALP and ABP have also promised corporate tax cuts. Almost every party has committed to some kind of spending restraint, which is huge compared to Albertans rejection of that in 2015. Even the NDs want to conserve our natural environment and energy resources for future generations. canadian goose jacket

canada goose uk black friday If you and your friends find your conservative positions in other parties, give those a try. Given a young age and limited time for political exposure, framing a comment like some longtime supporter switching sides seems disingenuous at best. But I canada goose outlet europe know that if I was looking for something to slash to bring down costs, that would be a pretty tempting cherry. Assuming that it not outright privatized canada goose uk black friday.

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