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As long as nobody’s getting hurt, there’s nothing inherently wrong with whacking it to a digital NPC, we guess. But video game porn isn’t always so innocent. We haven’t even mentioned the games that let you create mods, and how that freedom’s getting the weird/awful sex treatment.

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Notably, this card perks are miles, not points. The 40,000 mile bonus can only be used on flights. You can exchange miles for flexible points, but you can exchange miles for flights on one of its many partner airlines in the Star Alliance a method Keyes endorses.

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replica designer bags 4 points submitted 9 months agoNina is right when most people who loves to shout culture appropriation isnt even of that culture, mostly are sjw who thinks they need to speak for a minority because they cant speak up themselves. Like that little girl who wanted a geisha themed birthday party and her mom posted pics on FB and people where calling she had no right to use that theme because its appropriation and an actually japanese person spoke up saying was very respectful and we japanese actually love sharing our culture with westerners, when we have a foreign guest we even give them traditional gifts like a kimono or when this MMORPG I play introduced native american clothes as an american exclusive item in the game and people were shouting its offensive but a some native american descendants came up to say they werent offended at all but rather happy their culture was being celebrated instead of using a blue/red american/uncle sam like clothes. Hell, im from Brazil and I love so much when a foreign use something from my culture or try to dance like us replica designer bags.

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