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DerekB52 8 points submitted 7 hours ago

The Budden battle got me into battle rap. I was a canada goose black friday sale 2019 fan of slaughterhouse, and youtube recommend I click on the Budden battle. So maybe I biased, but I actually like that battle. And I don think Budden is a canada goose outlet authentic culture vulture for doing the battle. Some of the people behind Total Slaughter were certainly culture vultures. But I think Budden, went into that battle, with the canada goose shop robbed intentions to show his skill, and to creatively challenge himself. I think he was serious about it. Now, not being a member of the culture, he definitely didn come like he should have. But I mean, I recently saw an interview where Danny Myers thinks Budden lyrically won that battle. So some people rock with Budden performance there.

I don think Drake is a culture vulture either. I think he an actual fan. He helped KOTD put together some fire battles at a very good time. Idk how much money he made off that, or why he stopped. But I think him doing stuff like putting Twork on his instagram(or wherever he shared that clip), helps the culture, and doesn make Drake any real money.

Honestly, I think Culture vultures are mostly a good thing. Like, Total Slaughter. It is annoying having people with a ton of money and no battle rap connections, come in, put together an expensive card(if Budden actually got 200K, there never been a more expensive card), and profit. But, it draws attention to the culture. canada goose jacket black friday sale I think it a canada goose elrose parka uk mutually beneficial relationship. At least in most cases.

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I need to go back and objectively rate it. I rewatched it canada goose outlet vip a few times for nostalgia reasons, and have a hard time picking a winner.

Again, I clicked on the battle cause I love slaughterhouse. And Joe was and is arguably, my favorite member of Slaughterhouse. I went into that battle having 0 idea who Hollow was. Then he went into the bit dissing Rosenberg, and I just thought it was dope as shit. I ran it right back. Instant fan. Then I watched Pat Stay ruin Hollow with the same scheme(that an aside though).

canada goose store When I first watched Budden rounds, I thought they were dope too. But even on first watch, his energy didn match Hollow And him setting the mic down was a fucking cringefest. I still don like watching that round. Like, this battle got me into battle rap, and really means a lot to me because of that. But still, Joe setting that mic down, is possibly the cringiest thing in battle rap I ever seen. Except maybe that Killawatz daily spice from the other day. canada goose store

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Chromium is more than a framework. It is a complete browser. That can of course be modified by anyone who wants to make modifications. But, it source code makes up most of the code in Chrome. So it runs very similar to Chrome. Google just adds secret proprietary stuff to Chrome.

Also, while Chromium is open source, it was started by, and is still developed by Google. So while you or I can fork it, Google maintains the primary repo, and are the designers of the project. This means Google design choices, will affect all browsers that use chromium. Until someone forks it, and maintains it themselves. I just don know what company is gonna put the manpower into maintaining an open source browser like that.

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canada goose factory sale there are good beginner tutorials. Kidscancode has some on youtube. GDquest has some. GamedevTV has a good one on Udemy for like 10$. There isn any engine easier to pickup than Godot. This is opinion based. But, i say go with Godot, and really sit down with some good tutorials. The Udemy one is comprehensive. canada goose factory sale

Unity is an engine similar to Godot. That has a lot of tutorials. But Godot is better for 2D, and it easier to learn an engine, working with 2D. So I say watch some 2D godot tutorials.

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Daylyt says it would have ended his career. Daylyt was told by fans he couldn outwrite Rone (Day can definitely outwrite Rone). So Daylyt says he wrote for that battle and was gonna 3 0 Rone. But, he saw Rone had an antic, and said fuck it I out. Daylyt has erased people with antics, he didn want it to happen to him. Day claims that would legit have ended his career.

canada goose coats I do wish the battle had happened. Daylyt is my favorite battler and I think Day rounds could have been crazy. But, I don think he could have been viewed as the winner of that battle. canada goose coats

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buy canada goose jacket cheap I love King Los. I spent months waiting for him vs Day. I don think Los could touch Deems though. Los is just a really good fucking rapper. It not enough. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canadian goose jacket And Daylyt thinks Deems is the cheat code of battle rap. Daylyt thinks Carter Deems is the only guy that can beat Goodz. canadian goose jacket

Daylyt vs Carter Deems is in my top 3 most requested battles, I not sure how that would that go tbh. Daylyt with the right antic may be able to squeak out a W. I also like to see Danny Myers vs Carter. I love to know what Danny would bring to that. canada goose lodge uk Pat Stay could also probably do damage.

canada goose He has never said that. He has said he has been advised not to release them while under audit. But it is perfectly legal to do so. Also, there is nothing wrong with releasing tax returns while under audit. The IRS is auditing them, and already has them, so it doesn matter if other people see them. canada goose

Also, Obama released his tax returns. Why can Trump. Nixon released his while under audit. It doesn matter though, because legally, the dems in congress have a right to see the president taxes under the law. I think Trump is gonna lose this fight.

DerekB52 1 point submitted 1 day ago

Canada Goose sale I think every president since WWII has been a war criminal. They all been liars, and they all done wrong. Most of them were awful. But, every president, and candidate, has released their tax returns since Nixon. If Trump has actually done NOTHING wrong, he should be happy to release his. If criminals can show their tax returns, Trump can too. Canada Goose sale

I actually think there is a good chance Trump has done nothing wrong. But congress is gonna need canada goose outlet oslo his tax returns to prove that. I don view most of these investigations as witch hunts. I also don really care what happens to Trump though. I think Pence is a better conservative, and would be a more effective politician. Trump is too easy a target for the opposition.

DerekB52 2 points submitted 1 day ago

Look he got through 3 rounds. Way better than he did for Solomon. Pardon him for actually fucking rapping. I like a canada goose outlet online reviews good personal, but I don need them. Bigg K hasn gotten through 3 rounds, as good as his rounds for Cal, in forever.

Before Calicoe, cheap canada goose I was done with Bigg K. I think he been trash for awhile. He choked 2 rounds in his biggest battle ever, vs Iron, on the stage right after Mook vs Verb. And I find his fans insufferable. His core fans are the worst stans in battle rap imo. But, he was impressive vs Cal, and has a chance to get back on my good side.

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