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If only every individual on the face of this earth had the perfect recipe on how to be successful in life and how to achieve goals or God somehow gave everyone success the easy way! In reality, the world would be a deadly boring place if everyone got everything as they desired. The world is thus beautiful because we need to struggle to become successful.

It is only when we run just to stand that we learn how to run, when and where!

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On our first question on how to achieve success in life, ideally, there cannot be a single answer. Some become successful because they are in the right place at the right time. Others because people before them created the right environment to take over from. There are still others who work hard and even further who work hard AND use their mind to work smartly!

From experience we have gleaned some points which could be taken as a stand-point to gain a measure of success in life:

  • Quantify your definition of success and do not hinge it to someone else’s thoughts or success

You neighbour whom you greatly admire (or greatly envy!) could have a palatial house,  a huge car, and equally flashy lifestyle. And you think he is successful. Most of us do not account for differences in our lives and those of others due to various reasons like a past, qualifications, aptitude, temperament etc when making a comparison. If seen in the right light & without comparing with others, you could already be quite successful. In fact, most are! So, stop comparing and start to make a relevant assessment.

  • Find a purpose in your life that interests you intenselysuccess word

Instead of feeling bad that everyone else has more, try and find something that interests you intensely; so intensely that you are ready to give up anything in life to achieve it! If and when you find this “purpose”, make a plan to achieve it. And work hard to achieve your dream. If there seems to be nothing like a “purpose” in life right now, do not despair because a “purpose” in life is very circumstance-driven and may come to you at the opportune time.

  • Never make goals like earning money, buying a house etc. Instead, make a goal to learn something new

In life, if you open yourself to learning, you do over time find that thing or things that interest you most and can end up making a career off! Earning money, buying a car, buying a house, going places etc are just passing phases and can never be a goal. If you do the mistake of making these the goals, you can never, ever develop an interest and shall forever remain rootless!

  • Don’t make things extra serious like you are going to warSuccess adventure formula

On the question of how to achieve goals, do not make it a mission like you are going to war. Do not take it so seriously that in time you lose interest. Let it come gradually like slowly setting cement because when it sets, nothing can ever shake your goal’s foundation! On how to be successful in life, remember the successful never share their goals and passions with all and sundry because it is for you to follow. It is your commitment which needn’t be announced to the world.

  • Use imagination to find different ways to do the same things. In doing so, you shall find the best one!

These are interesting times with communication technology going in unheard-of directions! And with that, our whole life to is in for humongous changes. One thus needn’t have goals which are widely divergent from the surroundings. You could in fact even have goals to complement whatever is happening around you. For instance, you come up with an innovative way to deal with plastic waste or harmful pollutants or find ways to save excess rainwater that otherwise goes down the drain.

  • Work very hard and lessen distractions

A goal not worked hard upon becomes a dream. And dreams are seldom achieved/ attained. On the question of how to achieve your goal, there is only one path: HARD-WORK. And some more hard work! In all your waking hours, think of ways to achieve your goal. Fine ways to lessen distraction, find the right information, formulate your strategies and then go for the kill. Going slack once in a while is understandable but doing that very often means you are lazy and compromising, both of which are the one reasons your goals shall never ever be met!

  • Ask for help ONLY when requiredbefore success do pre-planning

Help in achieving goals beyond a point becomes a fixation. Ask for it only when required. If it happens very often, standardize it into the system as part of your operation. If none of these happen, it goes on to show that you don’t mind keeping loose ends into the system, an occurrence which has caused many goals to never be accomplished!

  • Have a Plan B

Airbus Industries, the world 2nd biggest commercial airline maker’s magnum opus, the A 380, the biggest aircraft ever made for the world of commercial airlines are not doing too well. Does that hold the airline back? Agreed they spent billions on their dreams but are they mopping around. Far from it, the company is finding out ways to help use its decade-long experience in other ventures such that those ventures succeed in time. If a company as big as Airbus Industries has a Plan B, what can’t you??

The above, are but steps  


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