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Now with computers doing practically everything that we did a while back, there is a serious cause of worry for a good percentage of the world’s population about their being needed in the first place!

But worry not! You could be a student, a professional, a retired person or a housewife/ husband who takes care of the home but there are still ways on how to increase memory power and be a step ahead of machines!increase your brain memory

Today we tell you simple ways on how to improve memory such that with or without gadgets, you can live a very long and productive life!

  • Use machines/ gadgets sparingly

Agreed machines are a great, great help to humanity and where we have reached today has a lot to do with how we make machines and make use of them to simplify our lives. BUT, they are at the end of it, machines which are there only to make our lives easy. We cannot and should not depend upon them to such an extent that we stop using our own brains. Like a sparingly used body which is prone to all kinds of problems including cancer, diabetes, hypertension etc, so too is the case with our mind. Use it too less and you could end up with problems like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia to name a few. On how to improve memory, put a few things in the right order & one is to use less of machines and more of your own faculty. Right from doing simple calculations to finding your way without GPS to trying to write with a pen to even playing games like chess, scrabble etc, all have a lot of things which push your brains to work in the right manner.

  • Use only machines in certain situations.

This may seem a direct opposite of the above but remember in certain situations, the best thing to do is to use machines and get your work done. And this goes in those case where you do not really think hard and are to do a repeated activity, like sending emails, information, making lists, scheduling activity etc. How can this improve your memory power? Well, it shall leave your brains to think through other important activities which need to be put to memory. For example, work-related details, important details which only you should know and no-one else. These ideally should occupy your memory. The rest can be put into a computer/ gadget for better and easier processing.

  • Remain positive.brain refreshment

Our lives the way it is these days leaves very little to feel positive about. But positive you HAVE to remain. Because to increase your brain power, you ought to be in a mood to listen and decipher information. A depressed person is very unlikely to remember much given that such a person sees no reason to do. They will, in fact, not want to remember painful situations in the past which could have caused their feeling thus. On how to improve memory and brain power, it is thus important to remain very positive. Because it is in this state of mind that a person shall try his/ her level best to try and remember and put pressure on their brains to help do so!

  • Be physically fit

An unfit person, despite everything and every achievement, shall most of the time feel tired- the one reason why a person does not remember. To improve brain power, memory and be ahead of the others, take up a sport which has rigors built into it. This means you need to run, jump, do stretching and exercises such that lots of chemicals in the mind like adrenalin, dopamine etc are released in sufficient quantities for us to improve our memory and brain power. Remember, it is a vigorous exercise which shall do the trick. Another thing about exercise is that it induces sleep and blood flows such that one remains positive- an essential condition to increase your brain power!

  • Get enough sleep.

To bring this point right across in the most succinct manner, try remembering important details when you next feel very sleepy! You won’t be able to; because to use the most of your brain power, you ought to be alert, full of life and very positive- conditions that come about when your mind and body are rested enough! It’s for this reason that one is expected to get good, sound sleep between 6 to 8 hours every day. One way to get the same is to work hard, both at work and physically and eat right. All these activities while being life-giving, also induce fitful sleep.

  • Do not go into substance abusebrain creative ideas

Do not ever resort to the short-cut of using banned substances like drugs, alcohol and other heinous and harmful things to improve your brain power and improve your memory. In the long run, such things form habits which become difficult to give up. Also, prolonged use starts to alter the essential chemicals in the body and are very, very harmful to health. Some organizations and companies advertise special products to improve memory by saying these have certification from the international body. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM BLINDLY. First, do a due diligence study and find for yourself if the claims are true. Only then, and with the support of your family physician should you attempt to take such things.

The above steps were adhered to rigorously can go a long, long way in improving and increasing your brain power besides increasing your memory power. If life and happiness are important, TAKE THESE STEPS AT THE EARLIEST!

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