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Depression is a mental state characterized by the constant feeling of sadness and not being good enough. In life, it affects everyone at some time or the other and leaves one feeling lonely, dejected, confused and very, very low. Reasons for its onset could be frustration, regret, feeling of having been left out etc. It could also be medical due to chemical imbalances within the body due to various reasons.

It is in these times that one needs to know how to build self-confidence and stand up for oneself. Best motivational speakers in the know have also contributed their might to make things easier for those who go through this painful state.

how to wake up from depression

Today we tell you how to motivate yourself in a depression so as to get out of the feeling and lead a normal and healthy life.

  1. Seek assistance. Yes, never deny that you have an issue. Depression goes beyond the occasional and often inane feeling of sadness. It is far deep-seated and in most cases does not go away easily. Being a mix of both the physical and the emotional, its effects can be quite deep-rooted. Irrespective of whether it goes away fast or not, depression needs to be analyzed clinically and a solution arrived at. Even going to a normal GP doctor can help in some case, if the latter is in a position to prescribe certain types of medications.
  2. Seek a mentor. Depression, clinical or otherwise, can be handled rather positively where one gets the best motivational speaker to be one’s mentor and life coach. In most cases of depression, it is the inability to find the right person to confide in that aggravates things. With the perception that there is no-one to turn to, one starts to feel that life is not worth it. But on the other hand, knowing that there is someone who will give a patient hearing to a person can make the latter feel relieved and very to relief depression
  3. Make friends. A loner in most cases is depressed. We, humans, were never designed by nature to be alone. Our very existence has to do with group living. When left alone either by design or by circumstances, we tend to feel low. One also feels lonely when one is not in the right company. Seek out others like you and make friends. Share their problems with them and share theirs as well. The feeling of depression reduces drastically where we become aware that we aren’t alone and that there are others exactly like us!
  4. Play a sport. Given that a part of depression is to do with chemical imbalances, the best motivational speakers suggest that a person undergoing depression pick up one sport. It should involve vigorous physical movements which increase breathing and makes one feel strained. Doing so releases a number of chemicals clinically proven to reduce depression drastically, one being dopamine. Also, sports increases the chances of making friends and interactions which, as we mentioned before, increases the chances of getting out of the blues.
  5. Read. Reading is one way of identifying what ails you. Good books can also be a release to one’s pent-up feeling of frustration and anger. Reading people’s life stories and those of other’s struggles gives one the feeling of hope that one’s own condition may also improve.
  6. Always challenge yourself to do something differently. The feeling of depression is heavily to do with this feeling of being inadequate. Where we learn to do things differently and can be recognized as such, it goes a long way in building up our confidence and sense of self-esteem. It could be something as simple as cooking, maintaining the car and bike, tinkering around the house. Anything- as long as it’s not something that everyone does!high level stress
  7. Sleep on time, be up early and develop the right life habits. Sleep deprivation is a known cause of making people feel sad. Six to eight hours of sound sleep can do wonders to most folks and give them the feeling of being fresh, confident and energetic. Timing one’s day to end at a particular hour gives the feeling of being in control of a situation and can go some distance in making one feel confident. Besides sleep, the other thing which most folks ought to do is to start their day early. It gives one the chance to finish everything on one’s plate leaving one feeling happy having accomplished things!

These, for now, are some of the steps on how to motivate yourself in depression. These are by no means the only ones. Time and experiences in one life can only add to this list.

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