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If you think you have done your bit by raising a child and pushing him or her into this world, be informed that there are millions there who did the same. And so the competition and sense of lack of achievements. If you think to put your child through millions of activities and classes may help, it too will bounce back.

how to study & shape your career

On the question “how to choose the right career”, experience shows that doing the  following helps:

  • Don’t go with the flow & get bothered by what the world does: Everyone wants their child to become an Engineer! Why? They earn well, get settled early and get the chance to go abroad! And of those who do not have the aptitude? Or won’t make it for other reasons? Feel back and inferior?? Won’t it be better if you understand your child and chose a right career for him or her. It can happen ONLY when you spend time with your child- quality time WITH your child to understand what he or she really wants!


  • Don’t let your successes or failures guide you: Indians are an emotional lot and also quite ambitious. On the question of how to choose a career for their children, most Indians let emotions run high, very, very high and do not base it on sound judgments. In choosing a career for your child, do not let yours i.e., the parents’ successes and failures come in the way of making the right choice. Parents’ successes and failures could be for various reasons related or unrelated and same may not be the case with the child. Do not base a child on your mistakes. Agreed, one should learn lessons from one’s past but ONLY that.


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  • children thinking about studyStart your exercise when the child is conceived and NOT after the child is born: This is strictly speaking, not about how to form your child’s career but about building your child himself/ herself to have the ability to make the right choice. A child is born with innate abilities which become clear early in life. When the child is yet to be born, DO NOT MICRO CONTROL AND DREAM OF MAKING HIM/ HER AND ENGINEER OR DOCTOR. Instead, focus on bringing a happy and healthy child into the world who learns things fast and goes on to do the right things. With science having progressed the way it has, a child’s health can be gauged right from day-one – even before he/ she is born! So, take care from then on.


  • Be the mentor and take an active interest in the upbringing of your child: ONLY Good clothes, good food, and a good life do NOT lead to choosing the right career! You could do it all to a dog! And what you would have at the end is, well only a DOG! Give your child the right time, space, experiences, and values which takes them places! You make a career by not MAKING a career in that you DO NOT focus ONLY on making a career but making a SUPERB HUMAN BEING with strong foundations who can find his/ her own feet in the world. Building a career is like making a building. Stronger a foundation, higher can be the building. Mere bad paintwork does not take away the fact that a building is strong and high. On the other hand, a small building may sometimes have great looks!


  • Put challenges before the child and see the results: To make the right career for your child, put the right career-related resistance before him or her. It’s like resistance training which helps build muscle-mass on a lean person! More the challenges, more likely that your child will develop the right skills early on for the right career.


  • children's success storyDo not shy away from taking expert help to build your child’s career. On how to make a career, there is no single universal rule. In fact, there are quite a few and quite confusing. To top it all, careers these days have various dimensions besides just the education part. It could be about one’s thoughts, one’s training, what kind of training etc. It is thus best to visit career counselors and various other specialists under whose guidance one can build the right career path for one’s child.

These are but a few steps in the making of your child’s career. The question “how to make a career” these days troubles not only the parents for their children but parents themselves – for their own career. As such, there cannot be a set of rules. Better still, visit us, Brainex and we shall tell you things in detail.

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