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If there is one point in parenting every Indian hates to go through, it’s the fear of exams, especially school exams given that a good score is likely to take you places and a bad one (apparently!) guaranteeing you a good length of time in bad places! But all said and done, the fear persists.

How then do you reduce the fear of exams; what is it you need to do to overcome exam fear and relieve stress?

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          Apparently, there are quite a few things one can do, including:

  1. Reducing the fear of exams by making the child understand that his/ her whole life does not depend on one exam. We know for a fact that life has its own course and even the most important of examinations seem to pale out with the passage of time. That being the case, why do we always go after the child with all our energies instead of making them understand the subject better, understand why it is necessary to learn it well, master its intricacies and then give the exam with an intent to learn new things. Simply asking (or ordering the child to mug things day in and out shall with time be of little help besides aggravating their sense of doom


  1. Preparing much, much before exams: If these exams are that important, one time-tested way to decrease exam-related stress is to make them study months (if not years) before the exams which shall give them enough time to study, revise and feel very, very confident with every subject. Along with the study, one way how to overcome exam fears is to approach the right folks who know more about patterns and types of studies to be followed. By understand the same, one can study just what is needed and get very good marks in the exams.time management strategy


  1. Doing exercises to increase concentration and ability to study long hours: You could be the ace of exams but you still may fail due to other reasons. In our run to do well while decreasing exam stresses, most times we forget to keep ourselves fit and strong. A weak body cannot take long hours of a slog. One must, therefore, exercise well, include breathing and stretching exercises such as yoga and keep themselves fit so that long hours do not trouble anymore. Also, meditation is best to increase concentration while decreasing stresses which build-up during studies.


  1. Measuring the child’s aptitude to understand the right course he/ she ought to pursue. The easiest way to get over exam stress is to choose the exam which your child/ ward can pass confidently. Most of the time it is the parent’s insistence that sees a child pick-up certain fields which in the long run appears to be detrimental. It would be much better where one picks-up a course of one’s choice and interest, and of course aptitude and where one can sure as hell, do very well. By doing this, one can be reasonably free from exam tensions.


  1. Study the right way to maximize the output. Studying well is a science and an art in itself! Science because there are people who have found the best and most reliable path to studying humongous quantities of information and doing rather well in exams. Art it is called as one has to have an individual aptitude, a focus and a determination to do well despite every possible distraction. It thus makes sense to approach no only coaching classes but also those who can teach you how to study well and effectively with a view to studying a large number of subjects in all their subjects.relaxation


These are then some of the ways on how parents can help their children during exams pressure! Stay tuned for more in time to come.


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