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Training For Parents:
This programme will be conducted for parents in the academic year as per the schools’ This will be a 3-hour programme in which the parents will be able to understand and handle their kids much more effectively.

Topics covered:
a. How to make your child academically successful
b. How to reduce TV & Games
c. How to reduce hyper activities
d. Discover and develop a child’s inborn talents
e. How to balance between Love and Discipline
f. Teenage parenting
g. How to spend quality time with children
h. How to develop family values

Training For students.
This will be a 3hour session for students from standard 1 to standard 12              (section wise) and the topics covered will be:
a. Scientific study technics
b. How to enjoy and remember studies
c. Scoring factor
d. Time management
e. Preparation for exam
f. How to enjoy exam
g. Why / How / Respect parents & teachers
h. Brain exercises
i. Motivation
j. Being Human (Teenage problems/goal setting/secret of success)
Note: Our charges for both the above programmes will be Rs.500/-

Teachers Training Programme:
We also conduct workshops for teachers as per the requirement of the schools and the
topics which we have expertise in are:
a. Innovative thinking.
b. Learning, unlearning & relearning.
c. Multiple intelligence.
d. Positive thinking.
e. Criticising appreciation.
f. Team building.
g. Trust.
h. Confidence building.
i. Ethics & Value.

We will conduct a 4-hour workshop on each topic once a month for teachers so that they
can understand the psychology of students and handle them accordingly.
Outcome Profit from the entire process will be:
1. Students will be developed and updated as per the latest standards
2. Will be creating a happy and successful next generation
3. Employee satisfaction
4. Better bonding with the management, students, and parents
5. Will become a vibrant institution
6. Visible changes in the institution

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