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DMIT Test!

We call it the bit which adds to become the byte!

Every child has his/ her own highly-personalized way of doing things. And now this has been proved right by none other than a Harvard Business School study! We have always known this BUT today we have adequate scientific evidence before us.

Let your child be the STAR he/ she is born to be.

For that let BRAINX do its detailed DMIT report for you.

Your child shall make you proud! Very, very proud!

Come to us to know what the future holds for your child!

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What does the DMIT Test help you do?

  • It brings out the inborn talent of each child
  • It brings out the learning pattern of each individual so as to select the most appropriate style of education to be it Visual, Audio or Kinesthetic.
  • It identifies the Multiple Intelligence patterns in children which helps them become achievers with high EQ and IQ!
  • It identifies the child intrinsic worth and analytical and creative skills patterns to develop core competencies right from a very early age.
  • A child can also have weaknesses which are quite a normal thing. We tell you of ways to overcome it!