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Be a parent the world envies!

Attend “How to be the right parents” workshops by Sanju Unni’s and learn to tackle first-hand issues such as hyper-activity, mobile-addiction, TV addiction, gadget  addiction, anger management issues, TV-lead demands etc. Also learn that you child could be the inborn leader in all manner of activities!

Sanju Unni’s “How to be the right parents” workshops have helped scores of parents understand their child/ children better. You could become one of them!

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The xx-day/ hours workshop teaches parents:

  • Ways to drastically reduce conflict with the child and yet get positive things done!
  • Ways to motivate children to become successful in their lives including studies and academics!
  • Ways to discover the child/ children’s innate talents and abilities!
  • Ways to discipline children and yet not be harsh!
  • Ways to balance one’s professional lives while bringing up children the right way!
  • Ways to read signals of your child entering the wrong path while growing up!

Attend Sanju Unni’s “How to be the right parents”
and see your lives change for the better!