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Stay blessed, stay married

They say either you are happy or you are married. At Sanju Unni’s, we help you to be happy and be married! Everyone craves company. Humans aren’t born to be loners. So why the conflict in marriages? Why can’t two people stay close and stay happy?

You can be married and you can be happy! And at Sanju Unni’s we tell you how to do just that! Our xxx day workshops tell you all about marriage right from the beginning:

  • How to prepare yourself to share space in your heart, mind and body for your significant other
  • How to respect the other’s views gracefully and keep conflicts at pay
  • How to resolve issues coolly and avoid outbursts
  • How to resolve the physiological difference of being a man and a woman
  • How to keep the spark in your marriage and not let it become an inferno which burns both
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