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Worry-free exams for children!

Your child’s/ children’s exam tension days are over! Bring your child/ children to Sanju Unni’s Happy Examinations, a xx-day hands-on workshop practical ways to become a better students. It teaches:

  • Techniques to improve concentration which studying
  • Techniques to plan your studies for best results
  • Techniques to set goals and also achieve them (in fact more than them!)
  • Technique to speed-read and write
  • Techniques to improve memory to write long answers and to memorize important formulae, theorems and concepts
  • Techniques to transform short-term memory to long-term memory for better recall during exams
  • Technique to read smart and read fast for faster and effective revisions
  • Techniques to handle exam-fears, negativities and sense to impending failure
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India is an “examination country” where at each step you attend some exam or the other. We teach your children:

  • How to overcome exam phobias and remain stress-free
  • Hoe to develop an interest in studying
  • How to study effectively for results
  • How to succeed in life by being a better student
  • How to manage time, health and money better in

And most of all, we teach your child NEVER TO FEAR EXAMS EVER!